Las cadre at Black Bean Ceramic Art Center

 October 2-29, 2011    “General Eclectic: the first 5 years of las cadre”    

 Reviewed by Susannah Israel


Article by Susannah Israel.

"In June of 2004 I had a wonderful opportunity to work at the Mission Clay pipe factory in Pittsburgh, Kansas. I spent 12 days

working inside the plant, carving 12 terracotta sewer pipes, with expert help from the factory workers. These pipes are termed

"the largest pipe in the world". 

MELTING THE SUN by Susannah Israel 

"In 1968, Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun came out on the album Saucerful of Secrets by Pink Floyd, pioneering

progressive rock’s shift toward what would be termed “space rock.”

Lecture Series: Ceramic Traditions
FELLOWSHIP EXHIBITIONS: the tradition of excellence.      
Five artists reviewed by Susannah Israel at Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts.
ATMOSPHERIC FIRINGS: the tradition of acceptance
Review by Susannah Israel
Wood-fired ceramics exhibition at the Triton Museum, Santa Clara, California
las cadre: the first five years     click to read 
Review by Susannah Israel
Critique group exhibition at the Black Bean CeramicArt Center, San Jose, California
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