Oakland Museum of Ceramics

I was the Resident Artist Director at the Oakland Museum of Ceramics, 2009 - 2018 It was a pleasure and an honor. Here is what we do.

  OMOC is an all-volunteer organization in the process of developing policies and new programs.          Currently we offer special events. The Oakland Museum of Ceramics is the brainchild of artist Bill     Lassell, 1965-2009. Founded at Vulcan Foundry Studio 5, in 2006, the museum houses a studio, library and extensive collections of film, music, writing and contemporary ceramic art. Bill is much missed and his creative vision continues to inspire the work of the museum today. Many thanks to our dedicated resident artists, board of directors, and special advisors.
    BOARD OF DIRECTORS             RESIDENT ARTISTS    see residents' page                
    Jennifer Brazelton                       Susannah Israel 
    Fraser Conrad                            Kristopher Mandell 
    Michelle Gregor
    Francoise LeClerc
    Tom Michelson  

    Vince Montague
    Tiffany Schmierer
    Elaine Toland
                     Oakland Museum of Ceramics Press                                                                           https://oaklandmuseumofceramicspress.wordpress.com/
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