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   Master of Ceremonies greets visitors as they enter the Orinda Children's Library. I find this especially meaningful because I love libraries; as a child I found magical adventures in books, and I still do.

     Master of Ceremonies is on permanent loan to the Children's Library, in a wonderful plaza with revolving art installations. The plaque dedicating it to Karen Lassell, retired children's librarian, honors my beloved mother-in-law. It is one of my favorite sited works.My artist mother enjoyed museum catalogs, and Edouard Manet's Young Flautist. with its baggy pants. was regularly featured. So when I wanted to express a sense of celebration, this was a natural choice.

Master of Ceremonies is a significant piece. It is the first of the large terracotta figures to have any applied color, which connects the body of work shown in "Terracotta: baked earth" to the Botanical series that follows.  


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