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Reclining Nude with Train Tracks

Reclining Nude with Train Tracks. Mendocino Art Center Workshop

     "Reclining Nude with Train Tracks" was made as a demonstration piece during my 2011 workshop at the Mendocino Art Center. We focused on image and content - what does it look like, what is it about, and covered construction, form, surface and meaning though lectures and discussions. Here, the figure is a landscape, composed of elements observed on the drive north from Oakland to Mendocino. The workshop was a roaring success, with 18 talented participants. Thanks to Derek Thomas, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Nick Schwarz, Ari Griekspoor and Gert Rasmussen for great camaraderie, inspiration and studio assistance. 

     In the following pictures of work in progress, you see the raw clay as the piece is constructed, on the left side, and the piece with color on the right.


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