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 Artist in Residence 2023-2024



 something gritty, something sweet"

Susannah Israel will be continuing her project Asphalt & Honey during her artist residency at Kala Art Institute.  Asphalt & Honey is an installation of terracotta, mixed media, light and soundThis social justice exhibit has included community engagement in the development of the project. Viewers have given personal responses to the work and  contributed their stories to be incorporated in the final installation. The artist looks forward to feedback about the installation in progress.


Have you seen it?

Please do send me your comments and feedback! and if you have a story you wish to have included in the installation, please email that too! thank you so much.

Three Wild Honeys
ISRAEL Asphalt figure_edited.jpg

PUBLIC PREVIEW March - May 2022

Susannah Israel showed a preview of her project  "Asphalt & Honey: something gritty, something sweet", March - May 2023.  This social justice exhibit seeks community engagement in the development of the Asphalt & Honey project. Viewers will be asked to give their responses to the work and can contribute their stories to be incorporated in the final installation, a multimedia figurative group with sound and a footprint of 20 x 6 feet.                                                                                                                                              - 

March 22 - May 2 2023
public viewing of the work in evolution
courtesy of Modern Mouse Windows
Alameda California


ASPHALT: Painter
Little Wild Honey
HB Flashy_edited_edited.jpg
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