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VERSION - notes on work in progress

   Version is inspired by the great I-Roy’s album, “Don’t Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff”, 1972 - 1975. The title refers to the Jamaican Reggae term meaning “versing”, the origin of today’s rap battles among contemporary musicians.

  The image is not intended as a portrait, but as an homage;  the figure displays a joyful singer. The album is a powerful collection of 16 songs, among which my favorites are “Hospital Trolley”, “Straight to the Heathen Head”, and “Fire Burn”, with its haunting horn instrumentals.


Page image:  Version, torso of singer

Top left: Completed figure

Top right: I-Roy's album cover, "Dont Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff"

Left, 2nd row: figure in progress

Left middle, figure to waist

Right middle, base and feet

Right, notebook sketch for sculpture of Version

Bottom right: lettering for base of sculpture

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