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       Young Hatshepsut was inspired by an exhibition of Egyptian art at San Francisco’s de Young Museum. After we spent a breathtaking day looking at ancient sculpture in the museum, I received this assignment from fellow sculptor Michelle Gregor: I was to make some Egyptian art. Over coffee she told me to go home and make a piece influenced by the magnificent sculptures we had just seen. Of course, I agreed

       The first piece in the series is made with a thick mixture of coarse terracotta clay, something akin to the rough clay used in the pyramids for its strength, durability and color. The figure wears a tall, formal headdress and a blue tunic. She is deep in thought, dignified and relaxed on the throne, and alone. The sculpture is life-size.

       I actually dragged my feet on this idea for some time. I wasn’t captured by trying to recreate the ancient forms themselves. Paging through my notebooks, I eventually put together the basic theme. The idea for Young Hatshepsut is to show the child king (Hatshepsut ruled as a king, not a queen) in a private moment. She is sitting on the throne, balancing a tall headdress; daydreaming about her future. Some pieces in the series include animal companions – a cat and a rabbit. The seated pose allows the figure a strong sense of repose and thoughtfulness.

       The second piece was conceived and made as a gift for Dr. Bernard and Emily Fennell, after our Queen Emily had pronounced my first Hatshepsut her favorite sculpture. I was honored and delighted. This is a small piece which was freely modeled in a single work session. Here the figure is older, and robust, holding a large contented cat on her lap. It now resides in our sovereign’s bedroom where she can see it every day.

.       The third sculpture in the series was directly inspired by a conversation in which I learned that Queen Emily, while she enjoyed the cat, had actually had a beloved pet rabbit as a child. Her rabbit was charcoal gray, with a white belly and chin. Since the rabbit image has long been such a favorite of mine, I made another miniature in the series so she could have the right animal for her piece.

       Making the rabbit piece proved to be an inspiration for another,  pushing me to work at a larger scale with the same idea. The larger Young Hatshepsut with Rabbit is a lifesize terracotta, sitting on a throne with decorations of iconic papyrus, holding a pet rabbit, and wearing papyrus blossoms as a crown. It is the fourth in this series. Young Hatshepsut was exhibited at Arts Benicia in 2022

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