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THE SHADOW TWINS: Book 2: Beyond The Binaries
Coming in Fall 2020
This new book in progress  tracks the colonists' story beyond the Binary planets and out into the galaxy.
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'CLARITY & CALMNESS      "Some things that Ive been  learning while sheltering in place at home."

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Wanderers & Visionaries2020

      My grandmother had never seen red hair, never been on a train, spoke four languages that were unknown beyond her tribe’s region. Her family rode around their trackless terrain on shaggy ponies as if taking a vacation, unconfined and uncontested in that vast, magnificent and hostile place. She was an expert tracker, hunter, rider and fighter; on that eventful day, her brother was hiding with their ponies, out of sight behind the snow, in case her ploy to get onto the train failed.

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The Shadow Twins: Trouble On Stone Planet. Book 1 of the Binaries Trilogy. Blurb Books 2019.  Print

     This suspenseful story concerns the inhabitants of two binary planets, Blue and Stone, in the Merchant System of a far distant galaxy. The prologue introduces the dramatic formation of the two planets from an asteroid that crashes into the sun. Millennia later, bio-engineered humans settle and cultivate these remote, tandem worlds.

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"Ray Gonzales: Telling Stories." Ceramics Art & Perception, No. 109. 2018: Print

      On the tenth of June in 2017 I took the train from Oakland to Sacramento, a longtime favorite route for me. Rain was falling, an unusual event lately, as we wound through the marshlands and behind the sugar cane factory. The cars were full, and people were talkative, laughing and joking with strangers. I recognized five spoken languages, received a gift of tacos and some cookies, and had ample time to think about the way common struggle in California has shaped our recent history. It is important, essential, that we stand together. For this to have lasting results, we first need to understand our history, and the work of artist Ray Gonzales is a torch held high for that understanding.  

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“Margaret Keelan: Reality Twice Removed.” Ceramics Art and Perception, No. 103 pp 70-75. 2016: Print

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