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Susannah Israel




   "Concert" is an installation composed of a chorus, two soloists, and an audience, The exhibition was was scheduled for the November 2019 Oakland Art Murmur.

      The full installation, the concept and the evolution of the grouped pieces is now a  book in progress:  In Concert, and is a part of the series Sources & Synthesis.  

    My inspirations are broad: a beautiful child prodigy with a cello; Carl Van Vechten, beating his fist on the knee of an adjacent concertgoer, at the Paris Rite of Spring premier; a one-hundred year-old California succulent garden; the discipline and focus demanded of us by each of the muses.

        These were my muses, as I was sculpting the pieces. Detailed view of all the evolving works are included in the book, to help tell the story. To view a selection of them, please go to the page "Studio Days", and click on "Backstage:  2019 in the studio."

CONCERT: Chorus Singers
20190621_172244 (1)_edited_edited.jpg
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