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Lobo California. H 35 x 33 x 29 inches,   Auckland Museum, New Zealand


Skate Dog.  H 16 x 24 x 9 inches. 1995 . SanAntonio, TX


   The Doelger Art Center* was located near the Pacific seawall south of San Francisco, in the city of Daly City, California.  Resident Artists had 2000 sq. feet of space indoors and outdoors, and the mild climate made this ideal.  Candace Crockett, Joseph Hawley, and

Paul Pratchenko were distinguished, long-term residents.

     Susannah Israel was accepted for the residency by the Daly City Arts Commission  in 1990, when Candace Crockett moved her textile studio north, Israel was artist in residence until 1995, when the artist residency program was closed down.

     Israel's work quickly grew in strength and scale. She received critical attention from curators and art writers,  honors including a Groot Foundation award, was a visiting artist at many universities and colleges, had numerous commissions.  and exhibited nationally and internationally during this period.  She moved to Oakland and established a studio at the Vulcan Foundry, 1995 - present.

  * "San Francisco builder, Henry Doelger, purchased 600 acres of sand dunes and cabbage patches that occupied much of the land between the original Daly City's westerly edge to the ocean.  He built a community called Westlake, which was annexed to Daly City in 1948.'"


Witness Circle. H 64 x 40 x 38 inches.

Witness back.jpg

Witness, back view of figure

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