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Vulcan 5 Studio, Oakland, California

2003 - 2008

    Bill Lassell held the lease for Vulcan 5, where he and Susannah Israel worked in the studio and hosted many exhibitions and events until his untimely death in January 2009.  These included two "What Is A Cup" shows, juried by Michelle Gregor, a BFA exhibit for CSUEB artist JAY,  South of Fruitvale Artists group (SOFA) meetings, las cadre critiques, Vulcan Writers group, and many musical gatherings.  Bill collaborated with John Paul Olsen to film "Le Promenade du Pigeon", and numerous short films available on Youtube/Vulcantube.;  see the preview

    Writer, artist and documentary fimmaker, he even received an award posthumously for his film on watershed restoration, "Sausal Creek: A Success Story."

    Bill enjoyed teaching and his lasting affection for children of all ages was enthusiastically returned. He just made life so interesting. Here, he is introducing a group of young friends and neighbors to the potter's wheel, at Vulcan 5, c 2006.


Bill's stepdaughter Sterling Israel, also an artist and teacher, wrote this wonderful tribute for him.


Door to Vulcan 5 Studio
Work in progress @ Vulcan 5

above left: Bill at Sculpturesite; center: Vulcan 5 door; right: Work in progress.

page image: Morning at Vulcan 5 Studio, photo by Bill Lassell.

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