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Tea Party Videos

"Creepy cool ceramics at Archie Bray in Montana" by Vagabond.  Tea Party appears from  1:51 - 1:54  in this video. Nice to see it getting out in popular culture. Great music & commentary. Thanks! :)

Master potter Sarah Jaeger talks about the Bray and the importance of conversation, which is what Tea Party is all about. The  piece appears from 3:59 - 4:04, following Akio Takamori.  Thanks for the honor!

View the Bray to the music of Steven Gores' "Eclipse". Tea Party appears from 1:05 - 1:09. 

Montana Made' special on Archie Bray. Detail of Tea Party is shown, to illustrate the aesthetic side of clay, at 0.39 - 0.40 seconds. Thank you Montana!

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